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Re: (o) TTC While Breastfeeding (o) October.

Hey Ladies It's been a WHILE since I posted on DS. We are technically always TTC b/c we dont use protection ever. We just recently decided to get serious about it though.

Back story.. we tried for 2.5yrs to conceive boy #1 (had 2 rounds of Clomid) and finally got our BFP!!

Basically started ttc right after he was born but didnt get too serious about it until PPAF showed when he was 9months. My periods have always been irregular and I rarely ovulate on my own. Some years I only have 3 periods! After PPAF showed, she didnt show again so I got on Progesterone to bring her back. Then did 3 cycles of Clomid and finally got a bfp

Now here we are with Boy #2 @ 12 months and we are ttc again!! Unfortunately no PPAF just yet. I am debating doing Progesterone again. This time we are not telling anyone we are TTC b/c it just puts too much on us. Everyone asks everytime they see us if I am knocked up, etc.

We are super excited!! Send us some baby dust Hopefully I will get to post often but right now we are taking care of our 2 plus my brothers 3 so it doesnt leave a whole lot of "internet" time

I am looking forward to spending some time (hopefully not too much though ) with you ladies!
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