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Re: Basically it's the weekend!

Busy busy....I'm getting lots done today.

I got the kids to take all their books to their room.
So because the books were gone I could empty the box of DVDs.
Because the DVDs were moved I could clear out the corner.
Because I did that I could tidy up behind the sofa.
Because I did that I saw the other corner needed cleaning and I did that.

Because I was doing that I kicked Heiner to clear the shelves above the sofa.
Because he's doing that I'll have somewhere to put the boxes and have more storage.

And then I can move all the meds, and the place-mats/lazy Susan/serviettes.

Fynn's in bed now so I have to stop so he can sleep. But I could tidy my desk again (it dot dumped on) and now I'm just having a little rest myself. All the dust kicked up is hurting my chest.
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