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Re:Update post #33. Does OB's plan sound right? How can I go the natural route?

Alright ladies, here's an update and a new Q- wwyd?

I starting drinking fertilitea again on tuesday and drank it up to yesterday. Decided to go against taking the estrogen suppliments (one of which I found out is estrogen from a horse... o.O ). Yesterday morning I woke up and got a shower. I had a weird feeling in my uterus and some light cramping. I didn't think much of it. MIL was watching Ds while I went black friday shopping. When I went to leave I decided I felt "wet" so I went to pee quick and check it out. Within the half hour from the time I got out of the shower to the time I went to check I had bled and I had bled through my underwear and jeans. I've had a heavy AF since then.

Here's the WWYD? part:

Would you continue to drink fertilitea and take fertliaid (I have it ordered and should be delivered anyday now) or would you do the clomid? I'm so torn!! I have no idea whether I want to take the herbs or the medicine.
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