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Re: Anyone not do santa?

My mom was trying to INSIST I HAD to take the boys to go see Santa. My mom has photos of us doing that, being terrified, but still making us sit on his lap and take a picture of us crying. I think that is cruel. so I just told her "Why? So Santa can terrify them and they sit on his lap and cry? No thanks."

I'm not sure I've even ever told her that we do not do Santa. I actually don't tell anyone really, just to avoid the "WHAT!? You HAVE to do Santa!" responses. My coworkers finally got it out of me last Christmas because they kept asking "What's Santa getting him?" So finally had to say that we don't do Santa, and we only do a reasonable amount of presents that they know/will know is from us, each other, and family members. My coworkers still bought a present for m y son last year. One wrote "from Santa Carol." Whenever it come sup, such as if the boys are asked "What did you get from Santa"? we'll just have to keep reminding them thta people like to pretend he is real, but keep telling the story of St Nicholas.
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