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Re: WOHMs in medical field

Job title? Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (though currently not working)
Degrees earned? Bachelors (mine is in Gerontology, but to become an LNHA, at least in my state-OH, you just need a bachelors degree, major doesn't matter). requirements for licensure vary by state, but generally you need a bachelors, need to complete a 6 week training course, and complete a 9 month internship before you can sit for your licensure exam. you have to test with the state you are in and take the federal exam. Licensure renewal fees are high ($300/yr) and you have to complete at least 20hrs continuing education each year.
Typical weekly schedule? 8+hr days, sometimes even 12 or more, generally monday through friday, but on-call 24/7 and many companies want you availabe to do weekend rotation as well
Average wage? anywhere from 60k to 150k+, depending on the size of the building, experience, and the company quite honestly
What is a typical shift like (what do you DO?) you have full responsibility over the operations of a nursing home. you manage all the staff and departments to ensure it runs smoothly, and most importantly, on/under budget. HR, staffing, business office, marketing, policy & procedure implementation, contract writing, staff education and inservicing, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. lots and lots and lots of meetings.

advantage: pay is great, no day is the same. great for type-A personalities that like to be challenged on a daily basis
disadvantage: high stress! full responsibility means when something goes wrong it's on you. very demanding. you have to be flexible in your schedule. if you just worked a 12 hour day and get woken up at 2am because the State walked in the door (or there was an elopement, fire, loss of power, etc) you have to go back to work. sometimes spending your nights helping to call staff to come in so that you can meet staffing requirements after a rash of weekend call-offs. there is a LOT of pressure in regards to financial performance

sorry if it seems like i'm putting more of a negative spin on it. to be honest, i am looking to switch fields. I'm returning to school in January and going back to get my BSN through an accelerated program.
i'd like to work in hospice.

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