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Originally Posted by ohgirlohboyohno
When I was inkindergarten, my sister showed me a bunch of presents in the closet in the garage....On Christmas morning when I received those same presents from Santa - I was SHOCKED...but it also started our obsession with always finding the presents hidden in the year when I was proabably ten sh - we were left home for a tiny bit and we snoped...we found them, but I guess they were also "booby trapped" and we got in trouble and were told everything would be returned. A lot of it did get returned...I got better at snooping.

Returning is an option....or...maybe put them all full display.....up high on a shelf where they have to look at them but not touch them or play with old are they? MAybe even tell them they will NOT be getting them for Christmas, and get them "necessities" socks, underwear, toothpaste, soap, etc to open on Christmas morning....and then in a week or something let them have their presents (if you really want them to have them)
I used to snoop like crazy too until I got older and realized it took the fun out of it. That's a good idea though to give them non fun items
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