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Re: My kids opened their presents

that sucks... my sister is a snooper, and when she was about that age, she opened a gift, and she didnt get it.... shes always been a snooper though, found santa presents in the garage when we were older, lol.

its hard, because its all the presents. if they opened one or two, i'd say make the kids take them to a toy drop somewhere and donate them. but all of them makes a difference. makes more work for you, and i dont know about your budget, but if i had to give away all the gifts, i wouldnt have money to buy more

eta-i think its entirely possible for a 4yo to make it. i never unwrapped a gift. ds is 5 this year, and hes never done it. i think it depends on the kid though. my ex-h was never able to wait until christmas, lol
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