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Originally Posted by Dani_Phen
Alright ladies, here's an update and a new Q- wwyd?

I starting drinking fertilitea again on tuesday and drank it up to yesterday. Decided to go against taking the estrogen suppliments (one of which I found out is estrogen from a horse... o.O ). Yesterday morning I woke up and got a shower. I had a weird feeling in my uterus and some light cramping. I didn't think much of it. MIL was watching Ds while I went black friday shopping. When I went to leave I decided I felt "wet" so I went to pee quick and check it out. Within the half hour from the time I got out of the shower to the time I went to check I had bled and I had bled through my underwear and jeans. I've had a heavy AF since then.

Here's the WWYD? part:

Would you continue to drink fertilitea and take fertliaid (I have it ordered and should be delivered anyday now) or would you do the clomid? I'm so torn!! I have no idea whether I want to take the herbs or the medicine.
Since you asked "WWYD" - what I would do is take the Clomid. If you know you haven't been ovulating and that's been causing the no AF, and you want to get pregnant, if go Clomid. But that's just me. I'm not necessarily anti-medicine. Just anti-pushy doctors. ;-) that's awesome that your period came on its own!
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