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Possible Miscariage, need support

I feel like I was taking over the other thread so I thought I'd move my discussion here.

Got my positive hpt on 11/13, at approx. 12 dpo, then on the next tuesday I had some pain in my side and went in to my obgyn to rule out an ectopic, the did an ultrasound but said the urine test was very light and ordered a blood test the result was 47, a very low number for 19dpo, I got a retest friday at 22 dpo and it only went up to 53, I am supposed to retest tomorow and I'm assuming if it doesn't at least double there is just no way this pregnancy will be viable. I think what is killing me is that it is just dragging out. I feel ok, I feel pregnant even, I'm not bleeding, I have some mild cramping, being in limbo is giving me major anxiety. I have not slept a whole night in a week now. I just want an answer of what is going to happen. We tried for 3.5 years for this little one and I'm so afraid that we will never get pg again. Or that it will take anoter 3.5 years. I could really use prayers that we will get answers tomorrow.
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