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Re: Moms of many: Head circumference Girls or Smaller sizes = Easier labor?

I didn't vote, but.....

My girl was my easiest labor, but she was my smallest baby so she had the smallest head, and she was my 4th.

My first son was a difficult labor, but he was induced about 3 weeks early so my body wasn't ready to go into labor which led to complications and I also had back labor which was very difficult despite having an epidural.

My third son was the hardest to push out, because he was my biggest baby and had the biggest head.

I actually asked my midwife a similar question. I asked her "Is it true that generally speaking little girls are smaller babies than little boys?" And she said "No."

I think how easy/difficult a labor is has many factors...1. Good birthing hips. 2. How big/small the baby is (and obviously how big/small the baby's head is). 3. How relaxed or scared mom is. 4. Did mom go into labor naturally or have to be induced early... and so many other things.

So.. in MY case, my girl was the easiest because she WAS my smallest baby and DID have the smallest head circumference, but that's not an "across the board" thing for all babies and moms.

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