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Re: What to do? WAHM nearing 45 day paypal limit..

Originally Posted by *Peanut* View Post
You didn't do anything wrong. This is the biggest problem I find with WAHMs - they let their personal life affect their business too much. I understand her dd was in an accident, but she didn't have to send a picture of her in a hospital bed to make you feel like crap. And even though she is having a hard time personally, she should not have attacked you. Very unprofessional!
Yep I agree w/this. In fact it just happened to me! It's so embarrassing, but because being a WAHM you are, ya know, working at home, you still have to deal with all the unpredictable things that can happen at home and disrupt your work schedule.

However, just b/c you're a WAHM doesn't mean that every time you miss a deadline you can give your customers a sob story and expect them to be understanding. I have missed a few deadlines, not many, but it can happen. I realize, also, that if I miss a deadline then the person may be disappointed and want to cancel, and I would fully understand (though I would be disappointed too, especially if I was just a few days past). But that's good customer service. Own the truth, either way, and be professional about it.
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