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Re: Do your pregnancy symptoms decide how many kids you have?

We are done at 3. This baby is our last. Pregnancies have been rough for me, but this last one has been horrible. I went from mild hyperemesis to severe with this one, Lost 16% of my body weight, multiple hospital stays, and ultimately had a feeding tube placed (PEG-J). At 32 weeks, I am still throwing up multiple times daily, constant migraines, irritable uterus (Ctrx started at week 28 - every 5-8 minutes. every single day), seeing stars for weeks, constant state of dizziness and nausea, some form of bedrest since around 20 weeks, etc. We are done. I've almost died twice this pregnancy (told to get our affairs in order, etc), that we don't want to risk that again. I want to be around to watch my children grow up if I have a choice.
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