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Re: Vent: sleeping in crib!!

My youngest couldn't go to sleep from drowsy on her own until very recently, and she's almost 7 months. The rare time I could get her to nap in her crib I'd have nursed her to sleep, waited until she got to that limp limbed sleepstate, and then carefully transferred her to the crib. She's not a stellar napper even now. I have a heck of a time getting her to nap even now, although occasionally I can get her to a drowsy enough point that she'll fall asleep and nap.

Basically you do what you have to. I'll try anything, put her in the swing, wear her, lie down with her on my bed and nurse her. I usually start by nursing her in the living room as normal and then try to transition her to the crib when she's sleepy and sated, but that simply doesn't always work. It does work at night, so I'm thinking for her some black out curtains or blinds are in order.
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