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Re: The 25lb Challenge November thread

Originally Posted by MyPerfectLife View Post

I gained 9 lbs over my 3 days at MILs... And I can't even pretend it's water weight.
I hate myself right now... I have no self-control!

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ok, maybe you did gain some weight. But I can guarantee you that some of it is water and that you didnt gain 9 pounds in 3 days. how do I know? because one pound is 3500 calories. to gain 9 lbs, you had to have consumed an extra 31,500 calories. That's 58 Big Macs! No way in holy heck you ate that much crap in 3 days.
So my point, maybe you did your diet in, but we all did LOL. there is no way 9 pounds is all fat. It's water. Chances are you had more sodium than you thought and are retaining water. I go up about 4 pounds from water weight when I eat crap for dinner.
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