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I could use some advice...

I always get good advice on DS, so I was hoping you mamas could help me. My sister never acknowledges any of my childrens' birthdays unless I have a formal party where she is invited. As in no phone call, card, gift...nothing. It's not that I expect her to go out and buy a gift for each of my children, but some acknowledgment would be nice. My oldest girls are at the age where they notice now, and it's hurtful. My sister has one dd, and she is able to throw elaborate parties for her each year, and each year we go and I bring what I feel is a very thoughtful gift. I don't give her a gift because I expect them in return for my children, but I give one because I want her to have something special on her birthday.
Money is definitely not an issue for her. So, my question is should I bring it up with her? Or should I leave it alone and keep getting her dd birthday gifts as I always have? I almost feel selfish and rude for even thinking about this, but I just don't get her sometimes. No flames please!
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