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Originally Posted by Only
Don't feel bad, Kelsey. Anyone who knows you knows you aren't the type who is difficult to deal with or dramatic or anything like that.

It was in poor taste for her to send you a picture of her daughter. It was also irresponsible of her to continue taking orders and attempting transactions if in fact her daughter has been in a serious accident and she's dealing with it.

I understand life happens but take it as a sign to finish transactions or issue refunds, do NOT attempt to continue on with them and think it is acceptable because your child was injured. If its that serious, close up shop.

I know who this WAHM is and steer clear of doing business with her out of concern I'll encounter the same issues. I truly think more people need to leave honest feedback for her. She may not take people's money and run but even great WAHMs turn bad, what would stop one who's not exactly known for excellent communication and prompt shipping?
Couldn't agree with this more- on several things.
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