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All I want for Xmas is.... Diapers!!

So you know you're a cloth addict when people ask YOU what you want for Christmas and you give them a list of diaper company names! My mom thinks I'm a little crazy when I told her that's what I wanted. "You mean for Tristan's presents?" Considering he's only 3 months old and won't quite enjoy it as much as I will, well maybe he does enjoy super soft bamboo and fleece against him rather than nasty plastic and toxic gel, but yeah I think I may enjoy it more right now. Like I mentioned, my little mister is only 3 months old, I have a 10 year old but had no clue about cloth back then so he's the only baby I have ever cloth diapered. But I love it! When I discovered cloth at around 5 months pregnant and did hundreds of hours of research and at 6 months pregnant started buying my stash. Then by 7 months pregnant had to already destash cause I bought so many. I know you cloth mama's know the addicting feeling, I why do you think we get so excited by fluff that our babies go #2 in?!? Anyone else asking for diapers for Christmas?
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