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Planetwise, Poo Catchers, Thirsties, Babylegs, Pins...

I am willing to trade, please see my ISO trade thread. I am mostly only looking for things in my DISO but you can try me. I am also open to offers.

I have 2 PlanetWise Medium hanging wet/dry bags: Please excuse their wrinkles, DH didn't fold them when they were washed. Both are organic cotton outers, you can't get either color anymore, one is Sage green and one is a dusty green/blue, I think it was called River. Both are in EEUC, zippers are perfect, PUL is perfect, no snags, tears, issues, etc. Both were purchased brand new by me and have not been used all that much. The green was a travel bag for a few months that we barely ever put anything in and the blue was used in the kitchen for a few months until we got a larger kitchen bag.
$14ppd each or both for $24ppd.

Green (the picture lighting is off a bit, it's a bit darker than this shows)

Blue (lighting is off, it looks like it's faded in this picture but it's just the lighting, I promise. I can get a better picture if you would like.)

1 Poo Catchers wet bag, it's pretty large, could easily hold about 8-10 diapers. No hanging loop. We honestly got this with some diapers we purchased and had no use for it, it's never been used by us. I have no idea what they cost new but it appears to be in EEEUC or new, so I'm going to go with $10ppd. If that's high, let me know.

1 Thirsties Fab doubler, periwinkle blue, cotton velour, soft. This is the larger size, $4ppd.
1 set of diaper pins, red. $1.25ppd or free with another purchase from any of my threads.

4 pairs of leg warmers. The left and right are both WAHM made, the two middle are Babylegs brand. These are loved, pilly, but are otherwise fine.
$3ppd each to cover shipping or all 4 for $10ppd.
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