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I recommend a motorized recliner and a bunch of "dusters." Those are the old-fashioned nightgowns that snap down the front and make you look like a 50's housewife They are wonderful because they don't irritate your incision, they are easy to get on and off without bending, and you can snap open part of the gown to nurse easily. I got mine from thrift stores and JC Penneys/Sears.

I want to second the PP who mentioned longer recovery with an unexpected/emergency CS. Especially if you labored extensively before the surgery. Imagine doing 2000 sit-ups, then having someone cut your abs in half, play with your intenal organs, and sew you back together. It took me over a month to stop pain meds, two months to be back to normal daily activity, and three before I felt like I would ever be 100% again.

Consider doing modified EC so you are not getting up and down for every diaper change. You can put a little bowl in your lap or just lay some prefolds under baby instead.
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