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Re: Salary desired?

Salary will depend on a lot of things--for example, are salaries just plain higher or lower in your new place or your old? Is the specific job/field you're applying for more competitive in one area over the other? Are you more or less desirable b/c of your combination of education & experience, particularly as it relates to pay?

And for you, is it more important to get a job, or to get paid commensurate with your experience? I mean that truly, as in, Are you the primary earner &/or is the family somewhat dependent on your pay to make ends meet? And is salary equivalent to what you're making now a need? And is it a reasonable expectation? Or are you working, at least in part, b/c you love your field; would you be willing to take a bit of a hit financially to continue doing a similar job? Will you get any perks w/ these jobs you're applying for, such as more flexible hours, low-cost insurance, etc., that would offset a loss in salary?

Simply put, yes, you may close doors if you won't take any less than what you're getting now b/c of your years of are you willing to negotiate on the salary aspect (in which case, I'd give them a minimum amount or tell them $XXX(negotiable) ) or are you willing to wait longer to find a job that pays you what you want?
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