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Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 25th - Dec 1st

from last weeks' thread (on DH's tablet, so no quoting!)...

Kelsey - Fringe is definitely creepy! But we love it!!

Cecili - :happybday: to Clara! Birthdays are always bittersweet

Emily - Reading while leaning over the ball is a good way to pass the time. TV watching, I find, requires looking up too much, my neck got sore!
I don't know that I'd worry about starting this early - unless to just get in the habit of doing it - baby has TONS of room to move around in there, and really is unlikely to stay head down if he goes there, kwim?

I've known a few people that go by their middle names instead of their first, for whatever reasons. Never really been a problem, I don't think? It's only if someone saw your name first, that they'd call you by your first name, if you're just introducing yourself, you'd just use whatever name you use, kwim? For school, our kids' forms always have space for their full given names, but then a separate space for what name the child goes by - if you put their middle name (or whatever you wanted) in there, that's what they would call him.

AFM: tablet foruming BLOWS. Much easier on my laptop - plus, I keep trying to use the spot on the desk below the keyboard as a touch-pad!
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