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Originally Posted by PerfectFifth

A friend of mine who is a Montessori teacher suggested puzzles with little knobs, like on this one ( According to her, the fine pincer grasp required to grasp the tiny knobs is great training for learning to hold a pencil later on.

Wooden alphabet blocks are AWESOME. WE got some for DS1 when he was around 7 months old, and at 27 months, he still gets so much use out of them. At first he just chewed on them, then knocked down towers I built, then made his own towers, then started identifying the numbers and letters... the uses go on and on.
I actually was thinking of these two toy types but didn't know if I was crazy being that she's do young!

I figured with the puzzles even at a young age I can sit with her and show her animals or whatever the designs are, and with the blocks say the alphabet etc. as she grows older she can play with them more independently and will get plenty of use out of them!

Originally Posted by danner
When my son was about to turn 1, we took him to our local child-friendly toy store and let him browse. We were there for over an hour and we had fun. He looked at so many things. This is what he ultimately chose:

To this very day (6 months later) he is still picking it up and pushing it around, mesmerized by the way the colors change. I get that it is plastic, and I am careful about plastic and would not have chosen it if I was ordering online, but I am so glad we went to the store and let him pick it because he loves it. I think a 6 month old could enjoy it in a limited way, and grow into it as she starts to becoming a bit more mobile.
This is another great idea. She could definitely grow into something along these lines!
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