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Re: How much detergent do you use?

Originally Posted by redheadedangels
YIKES i think i'm using too much!! I use 1/4 cup....

how big a load are ya'll washing? Full loads? 1/2 loads? just a small? I usually have about a 1/2 load. DYT i'm using too much detergent? I also have Very hard water.
our water is fairly hard but we have a water softener (i'm not entirely certain whether it's hooked into the water feed for the washer or not). this is for what i consider a full load of diapers - 12 or so diapers with the associated wipes & soakers and what not - probably what i would consider a medium load of clothes.

if your diapers aren't smelly or repelling then it must be working ok for you. i have had problems with mine getting smelly if i don't use enough detergent.
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