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Re: Do we or don't we....

We found out with our first 4 children. It was great and lovely and I was thankful each time that we knew what to expect. We had 2 boys and 2 girls, so I decided not to find out with #5. It was sooooo NOT worth it. What a letdown. I just knew it was a boy, had no doubt in my mind and I couldn't shake that feeling no matter what. But since I didn't have any proof, I never got to bond with the baby in the same way as with my other 4. We didn't know their name and I couldn't picture them in my mind. I do like to shop, but I'm a lot better about buying from thrift stores and the clearance rack. Not knowing meant I couldn't buy anything. Ugh! (I really don't care for gender neutral clothes. At all.) And it's not that we really "needed" anything, but I like for every baby to have a couple of outfits that are uniquely theirs, picked out lovingly by Mama. And then there were the cloth diapers. So many cute cute cute diapers for newborns and I had to buy white and ivory. Blah. As the time for baby to come got closer, I had twice the work to do getting ready. I had to wash all the newborn boy clothes AND all the newborn girl clothes. All the newborn boy bedding AND all the newborn girl bedding. You get the idea. What a hassle! I ended up never putting up any decor in the baby's room because I couldn't find anything that was neutral. Everything was very decidedly boy or girl, or a color combo I didn't care for. So finally it's birthday time and we get to the big moment when baby comes out and the doctor says, "Don't you want to know if it's a boy or a girl?" I said, "I already know, it's a boy." She's like, "Yep, you're right!" So much for the excitement of surprise. So my advice is FIND OUT!!!
I will hopefully be having an U/S with baby #6 here in the next few weeks and I fully intend to find out!
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