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Re: Update in post #33- Does OB's plan sound right? How can I go the natural route?

Yay for AF coming! How old are you? If you're in your 30s, it might be worth it to just start the Clomid. I think that you can conceive naturally, but it will probably take some time, and it's going to get harder the older you get. If you think you might want to have more than one more baby, it might be worth it to get this next one going, work on healthier eating and exercise while pregnant, and then see how things shape up post partum.

I had somewhat irregular cycles before I had a baby, not bad, but I would ovulate anywhere from day 14-21 and it took us 5 months to get pregnant. Not a big deal, but when AF came back after baby, all of my cycles were like clockwork, 28-29 days, and we had just stopped avoiding, but were surprised to get pregnant so quickly because I was traveling a lot that month and only saw DH like once in a 3 week window!

So you never know, if you are able to lose the pregnancy weight within a few months, you may find that after baby, your body has an easier time ovulating (though breastfeeding can certainly delay that).

Good luck with everything! I still would get a new OB though, I wouldn't trust that one to deliver by baby :P
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