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It is going super fast! I go back again for my US Friday so everybody keep your fingers crossed they were guessing wrong and it's a boy!!

We only have 3 bedrooms, I think we'll put the 3 and 2 year old together. DD1 is basically deaf when we take her implants off at night so I don't worry about anyone waking her, and she almost never wakes crying. Plus that'll make it easier for DH to put them both to bed while I'm nursing the baby. And they won't wake the baby at night, and I won't wake them when I go nurse.

We also ordered DD1 a big girl bed. Actually a bunk bed you can also use as 2 twins. We'll only set up the bottom for now. I almost cried. I can't believe my baby's so big!!

And in case I wasn't stressed enough by the US and STILL waiting to hear when DH will be unemployed, we got a phone call from the neurologist Friday saying DD1s bloodwork came back normal. THEN while we were out got ANOTHER call saying call us back but they closed at noon on Friday!! I have no idea why they would need to call again!
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