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Thanks for the well wishes, ladies, we will be off in a couple hours. DS will NOT be going anymore, DH isn't comfortable with it since the service will be in a conservative place and he is so loud. Also he gets scared with people crying so he will be staying at home with my parents.

Shannon, there are still really good laptop deals online if you are still looking for one. Since DH is home today can you browse?

Erica, that sounds like a fun part for a 6 year old

Carolyn, glad you fixed it. I was looking at it trying to decide if I need more stuff Haven't quite concluded that, yet.

I need to go shower and get ready. Unfortunately, and this is truly sad to admit, even though my DS is 13 months old, I do not fit into any of my conservative pre-pg black dresses. So, I am wearing a maternity black dress I wore for a funeral at 38 weeks pregnant. It seems to fit just fine on me now, which is disheartening.
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