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IHA Diapers, Wool, Yarn, ISO Sbish, Toys

It's been a while since I've had a trade thread active, so this is a work in progress. I'll be adding more as I have a few minutes of computer time!!!

All items come from a smoke free, one dog home. The dog doesn't wear the diapers, and I'll look over items before sending them out, but chances are good that you'll find a stray hair or two.

Sbish flats, M
Other similar sized and similar quality prefolds or flats\
Sophie the giraffe
Wooden / natural toys appropriate for a 12 month old boy
Wool matching shirts, size 12 months or larger. We have tons of wool, so chances are we'll have something that matches! Solid color / shirt blanks okay too.
Undyed bulky gaia
12 oz of colorway worsted weight yarn or lighter, superwash preferred
Dream ISOs:
Waldorf doll
DD Levi Rabbit on Stallion
DD Goldfish on Stallion
DBK Storybook Ending, Storybook Night on any Diapering Base
MM Woodland Tale, Woodland Friends, Woodland in Spring on any Diapering Base


More here:

Flip covers and inserts:

Size small fitteds - Earth Mom & Baby Bumboo, Dream Eze, Bamboozle (old style with snaps)

Grovia one size all in ones, loved condition. The leg elastics are loose and there are some holes forming around the leg openings and some staining. I got these in a trade and they just don't work for my son the way I thought they would. Colors natural and ice blue.

Repairable BG 3.0 pocket diapers. I tried to snap convert, but was terrible with the snap press and couldn't ever get the snaps to press so that they held well.
Brand new in package black kawaii
Fuzzibunz OS, Knickernappies, Rumparooz

12 size medium swaddlebees prefolds. Super soft and quilty, very light staining to none at all. Used for just a few weeks until I found some GMD reds, which are slightly larger, to replace them. I also have a brand new package of 6 of these diapers, never even prepped or taken out of the package.

newborn diapers:all very gently used and in EEUC, some EBF staining but perfect elastic.
2 goodmama cv, brown/orange and lime green - TRADED
6 grovia nb aio, old style with cotton, owls print
6 kl0's
2 preemie size nana's bottoms aio

weehuggers wet/dry hobo bag. I love this, but the zipper is broken. Otherwise fully functional. I'd LOVE you if you are a WAHM who can repair / replace the zipper for me!
Cuteybaby wetbag, again with a broken zipper. Wasn't my favorite because it doesn't have a handle.
Macbook; this is an older model but still fully functional. Has wireless internet capability. I got it in a trade thinking that it would be a Christmas gift for my dh, but he used a bonus to buy himself a newer laptop.

Yarn, yarn, yarn. Mostly HC and diapering bases, but if you have any of my ISO, let me know your preferred bases and gender, and I'll send you some options. I'd also be happy to knit for you - your yarn or mine!
Here's a quick list of the yarn I have - though I might be picky on trades for my yarn.
Mosaic Moon Malayan Orchid on Bulky Gaia, 8 oz with 2 oz trim
Mosaic Moon Coastal Sunset on Bulky Gaia, 8 oz with 2 oz trim
Mosaic Moon Red Ming on Bulky Gaia, 8 oz
Mosaic Moon Barn Owl on Bulky Gaia, 12 oz with 4 oz trim
Three Irish Girls Flynn on Lindon Merino, 4 oz
Family Roots Christmas Orange on Bulky Gaia, 8 oz with 2 oz trim
Solid dark purple, light pink, forest green on 3 ply purewool
Dear Husband Space Coaster for Girls on BFL, 8 oz colorway
Dear Husband Cowboy on Gaia Worsted, 8 oz colorway and 2 oz trim
3 ply purewool Vichero colorway, 7 oz colorway and 3.5 oz trim
3 ply purewool Crema y chocolate colorway, 7 oz colorway and 3.5 oz trim
3 ply purewool Hanaki colorway, 3.5 oz colorway and 2 oz trim
Disco Baby Knits "Mirth" on MMW, 4 oz with 4 oz black trim
"Frosty Forrest" on MMW, 2 colorway skeins and 1 trim
DD Nautical Bloom on DK Superwash, 8 oz
(Approx. 2 oz each) scraps of DBK "Topher" and "Rumple" on BFL
Lollytree "Earth's Willow" on CSF, 4 oz colorway and 2 oz trim
Dear Husband "Preschool for Boys": 2 colorway skeins and 1 trim skein on Gaia Bulky, and 2 colorway skeins and 1 trim skein on BBR
Debbie Bliss "Eco Cotton" in gray, 2 balls
Tons of LYS quality 100% wool yarn, various colors. Sport and worsted weight. Knits just fine for longies, but it isn't the luxurious knitting that HC quality bases are.

Avent isis iq duo breastpump, used only a few times, but does not include pump bodies. I bought this to have a second at home, and never use it, but do like to have a spare set of parts for my main pump at work. I have no use for this, and hopefully someone else can get some use out of it! (The pump bodies are the same as for the manual pump, and you can usually find some good deals on those)
It would have to be a great trade as it would cost a fortune to ship either of these, but I also have:
BOB Duallie Sport (the new version with the accessory adapter), used just a few times before I finally admitted that having my second child wasn't going to turn me into a runner. Orange in color. PERFECT condition!
Baby Jogger City Micro stroller, red. I loved this for the infant stage (with an infant seat adapter, not included) because it is so light, but still has full stroller capability so that we could carry the baby and big sister could ride if necessary. It's in good used condition, I can send pictures if you have any interest.
Baby Jogger Bassinet for the City Series single strollers (City Mini, Summit, City Elite). Bassinet used once, but we do want to keep the carseat adapter that came with it. Any carseat adapter would work, though.
Laura, mom to C (9/09) and T (1/12)
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