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Helping my 4 yo "move on" from friends?

A year ago our family left a church that was ending (we stayed til the end) and my now 4 yo DS has two little friends that he's known basically since birth that were all born into the kids' ministry together and grew up there for their first 3.5 years.

We stayed in touch for a few months but both of the other families made very quick transitions into new church communities and have more or less "moved on" and don't return contact or requests for play dates. It's been a year now and my son still asks about both of them on a weekly basis. :-/. I've reached out to them often (at first it was weekly, then monthly after the first few months, then I stopped trying about three months ago) and was brushed off or ignored. Especially one little boy whose parents were both close friends of ours, and whose birthday is three weeks apart from my DS so we've always made a big deal of going to each thers' son's bday parties. This year they rsvp'd and then just didn't show up for my DS's party, and didn't invite us to their sons party.

They're obviously moved on, and I have my own issues to deal with in letting go of my own hurt in that, and am looking for advice on how to support my son in moving forward.

He's in a preschool right now with 6 other kids in his class, and gets along very well with all of them. This question just came to mind today bc DS sat down to draw pictures and just made a pile of crayon drawings for the little boy. :-/
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