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New car seat woes

So we just got a new used car and a new carseat. The car is a Plymouth breeze, a '99. We got the Safety first Air protect carseat. First problem was with the seatbelts. Worst you can have, no cinching plate and don't lock when you pull them out all the way so I had to use that clip thing. Do you know how hard it is to get the seat belt tight enough, unbuckle it, put the clip on and then do it up again? I thought I'd never be able to do it. It's so hard to re-buckle it up and trying to put my weight on the carseat when it's rear facing. I swear I never want to take the carseat out now because it was so hard to put in. I had to install it beside the door because when baby #2 comes that carseat will go in the middle (at least that seatbelt has a cinch plate).
But I find I have trouble pulling the carseat belt tight enough. Does anyone else have this trouble? It's so hard and ackward to pull it and my daughter is on the lowest rise so it seems that the belt is almost too long and so the join between the two belts and the pull strap is right up as far as it will go. It takes so much effort to tighten too. I have to adjust around her legs and pull it tight at the back of the carseat and then pull the strap with all my strength while leaning on the seat. I don't know how I'll do it when my belly gets big. Anyway, any tips?
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