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Re: New car seat woes

Every 1999 model year vehicle sold in the US will have locking seatbelts in every position. Plymouth vehicles normally have lightweight locking latchplates. To test yours, sit in the vehicle seating location where you want to put the child seat. Buckle the seatbelt and tighten it up. Then put your hand between yourself and the lap belt, right in the middle, near your zipper if you're wearing jeans, and try to pull UP to loosen it. If you can't loosen it, then you have a lightweight locking latchplate.

The other issue, do you mean you have trouble getting the child seat harness tight enough? Sometimes it helps to just leave the harness at the correct setting so that you don't have to tighten it every time. If you find that your dd is wearing variable amounts of clothes that require major harness changes, then she is probably wearing too much bulky clothing. We keep our baby plenty warm in the car by dressing her in regular clothes and just putting on a warm hat, and covering her with a fleece blanket after she's all buckled in. Other than that, some seats just have difficult-to-manage harness adjusters, and the only "trick" I have to help is exactly what you're already doing. Sometimes they loosen up a bit with use!
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