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Re: New car seat woes

No, the seatbelts do not lock except when the breaks are engaged, even says so in the manual. The latch plates don't lock, at least not well. When I'd tighten the belt, if I pulled the car seat from side to side it'd loosen up and start moving.
Yea, it's really hard to pull the strap to tighten the belt. I don't put a coat on her in the seat. It's not only hard to pull but it seems it's too long so the pull strap is pulled all the way to where it connects to the shoulder strap. With a ton of effort I can get it to where it's just tight enough, but I'd really like for it to be a little tighter. Aarg, I miss the Graco infant seat. Hopefully it'll loosen up with time. I'm afraid to let my husband put her in it that he won't get it tight enough because it requires so much fiddling.

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