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Stuffing Narrow Fuzzibunz - anyone find a fix?

I'm so annoyed every time I have to stuff diapers I do our other brands first and then there's that dreaded pile of OS Fuzzibunz left to stuff. You all know how narrow they are. I've been so tempted to ruin the microfiber inserts by cutting along one side to make them more narrow. I think that would probably effect the absorbency of them though. I loved our perfect sized smalls that my dd just outgrew so I just bought 4 more in mediums from some moms on here. That doesn't fix the problem of the 6 or so OS I'm left with. I know I could sell them but I do love how trim they are under pants and I love the colors we have. Has anyone found a stuffing solution? Our inserts also seem to bunch up so they never lay flat once stuffed - no matter how long I play with them. Such a waste of time!
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