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Re: Stuffing Narrow Fuzzibunz - anyone find a fix?

I know what you are talking about! I love how trim they are but they are a pita to stuff!!! I think it was one of the mommas on here who made this life changing suggestion to me.... I fold the insert in half so it is only about 6" long instead of about 12". Put your fingers in between the folded insert so one half is on top of your fingers and one half is below. Lift the fleece liner of the diaper and set the folded insert in as far as you can with your palm down towards the sticky pul. Now, with your fingers still in between the insert, push the part of the insert that is on top of your fingers into the pocket. With your other hand from the outside of the pocket pinch the top of the diaper (where your fingers have pushed the insert) holding the insert in the proper place. Then pull your hand out of the pocket while flattening the insert out.

I hope this makes sense. I wonder if you search on YouTube. There might have been a video. But I.cant remember. Goodluck!
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