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Re: New car seat woes

It's a 1999. We're in Canada, I don't know if that makes a difference. Are these seatbelts less safe for everyone else? The carseat is now in with that clip and is not moving, it just took a lot of effort and contortions of my body. Baby is due in June. But this seat won't work in the middle well because we're very very tall so the driver needs the seat back a little further. The car seat is behind the passanger seat and my knees are right up to the dashboard. I did get it installed so I"m not going to move it now I'll try leaving the carseat straps tightened and see if that works. It's a brand new carseat so I don't want another one and it's supposed to be easily adjustable, you just pull to tighten, except it doesn't pull. I like the side protection. I just wish it'd do up easier. We're luck to have a new car, the old one was a two door and it would have been impossible with a larger carseat (but the seatbelts did lock when you pulled them out. This car we got from my aunt and she's letting us pay as we can.
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