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Re: Is this mean?

ajane that's kind of why I was questioning it... but we wouldnt be making them wear anything in public, and we wouldn't do it in a way that would make the kids feel ridiculed.

The result of that crabiness that day was no park.

I guess I'm just trying to think of ways to address ds' attitude, which has not been the greatest lately. And I didn't explain very well. This isn't for tantrums. This would be an attempt to help ds learn to have a good/positive attitude. So often it seems, even after a seriously really flipping fun day, one small thing will disapoint him and it's "ooh I neeever get to do anything fun". Even, we could go to the arcade and 3 days later he's asking to go again, if we say no he'll say "I neeeever get to go to the arcade". :headscratch" dude, we just went the other day!

IDK if that just sounds like typical 5yo behavior, but it really is an attitude thing.
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