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Originally Posted by tysmomma
thank you so much ladies. so far I have tried the Nuk bottle, only twice (on two separate days) and she did not like it, pretty much refused to suck from it. so maybe I should try a different bottle? I was thinking tommy tippie or this really round one I saw the other day, can't remember the name of it though
As Keen1981 said, the window of acceptance is really important and you have to keep trying! (L leche league says 4-6 weeks i think but I am not 100% sure...) With ANY bottle you want, I would say at least 5 times. Also, try to have someone else give her the bottle if you can (I had to do it myself and I did succeed, it took me almost two weeks but it worked).

Try to give her the bottle in ANOTHER PLACE than the one you use to BF.
Try another POSITION also, for example laying her on a pillow (not flat though), or putting her in the SWING (this worked for me), try any position where she does not see you.
Try to sing to her while giving bottle.
Of course, milk should be at body temp (but you certainly know that).

Try silicone or latex (if no allergie issues) nipples.
I tried all those tricks and more with my DD2 at 4weeks, having my DD1 who never took the bottle I was "a little" stressed out, but patience pays off! You can do it!
Don't forget, babies can feel your stress so if it does not work, just give her 5-10min and try again so baby can change her mind.
La leche league is also a great help!
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