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Originally Posted by boyfarm3
We took ours (boys) to pee one last time before we hit the sack. I just figured the bladders needed to grow. We got them out of bed and guided them by the shoulders as they walked like zombies to the toilet. For me it was better than making it an issue, plus I think there's some subliminal training that goes on, walking them through the process of getting out of bed to go until they are ready to do it on their own, even if they aren't 100 percent awake. They never had any trouble going back to sleep. Not sure how well that applies to your situation, but for the sake of offering another perspective. Wish you all success
Thank you! It is interesting I've never heard about that technique! And I also didn't think about the bladder capacity either...
I might have to try your "walking zombies" trick when I'll be 8mo preggo... We ll see how it goes but I'm afraid she won't be able to walk since her sleep is so deep. Do you think it might be an issue?
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