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Re: TTC 30+ november 22- december 6

Originally Posted by JCPACandMommy View Post
Hey Mama's! I hope you all enjoyed time with your families on Thanksgiving!
to CD1 mams and for those getting ready to test!

AFM: I had my F/U appt with my RE and they did and US and she said I still have a small blood clot in my uterus which looked okay so might have some more spotting and the questionable ectopic on my Left ovary was almost gone and had a follie on the left as well! She wants us to wait until January to TTC again because of the High level of Methotrexate we used, to make sure it is all out of my system so it wont affect me or a future bambino! So promising but sucks we have to wait so long AGAIN....
and it does suck and I'm sorry you have to wait...BUT it sounds like you're on track to O this cycle, on your own, w/o any cysts. That bodes well for future cycles & hopefully it won't take very long to get pg next time around!
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