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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Originally Posted by rawheid View Post
Hi, I'm new to this homesteading forum. I haven't read any of the other posts, but I wanted to say HI! I have 51 ISA browns. They will be 15 wks on tuesday. I'm getting excited for our first eggs. I don't really expect any till January since where we live it's pretty cold. None the less, I'm getting excited.
Welcome! Those first eggs are sooo exciteing. You jump on in the conversations like you've always been here, ok!! Great to have you.

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
Welcome Heidi!! I've read over and over that the young hens will lay right thru the winter so I think you'd be safe to start anticipating that first egg in about a month. Mine are all laying, but I do some supplemental light in the early morning. They have been such fun pets for me too, love how quirky they are.

Sarah, the visual I got... you and I standing stock-still over our incubators, slack jawed and trying not to blink. RFLOL!! The crazy things that entertain us.
I know right, hahaha!! I went to go to bed and couldn't resist watching again! One piped before I went in. BUT, wrong end. It may end up needing help? Hope not. Always have bad luck when I have to help. The bator is holding at 59, the heater has been running non-stop with it so cold. I'm nervious with these new low numbers, but I think it's for the best. We'll see, lol. Ya know the little chipmunk that hatched piped on day 18 late that night and was unzipped day 21, T-giving morning when I got up. I got up at 4 and she must have hatched around 2am. I'm thinking they just have little room being small eggs and needed air early so piped. Then hatch when they are ready. Just worrie about this being the wrong end. I havn't read up on that yet, Guess I better start before Cayden get's up.

I caught myself watching again this am, lol.
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