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Originally Posted by uncertain
I think I'm alone in this but I really dislike ours...for kiddos who prefer not to sit at the table, I've used a Learning Tower..fabulous product, can't say enough good things about it! Both my older kids used it to srand at the table for a year then moved on to sit in a regular chair. Personally, I think the tripp trapp isn't wide enough for most butts
Those are more for helping in the kitchen type of activity right? Instead of stool or chair that one could fall out of. I couldn't see using one at the table to eat dinner. Maybe I have the wrong impression. I've heard great things about them though. A local baby store has one and my 4.5 yr old is always playing on it.

Edit: wow. Way to read this morning. I missed the part where you said for kids who don't like to sit at a table.

Most likely nursing and typing. Please pardon any mistakes.

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