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Please take the time to read these things. Fetal Doppler produces continuous sound waves whereas ultrasound is pulsed every so often to update the image/information. Fetal Doppler is non-ionizing RADIATION. I just don't feel comfortable with excess radiation (of any type) exposure that can be avoided. Oh yea and the electronic fetal monitoring they use at the hospital is continuous just like the Doppler. That could add up to be a lot of exposure for the little one. Ultimately it is your call. What do you feel comfortable with?

"My OB and MW says you shouldn't use a doppler every day, only maybe 2 or 3 times a week for a minute tops. A fetal doppler is constant sound waves. According to Henci Goer, who is a birth researcher 1 minute of doppler equals 30 minutes of ultrasound. Ultrasound is not constant sound waves, doppler is. Although the CDC and other government researchers have said ultrasound may be safe, they also say that it has not been studied throughouly to be concluded as not safe or safe. Many researchers argue that ultrasound and doppler use should only be used once in awhile for medical reasons. Researchers have now linked ultrasound to cell changes in the brain an IUGR (itrauterine growth restrict). My state has started to ban home dopplers and 3D and 4D ultrasounds unless they are medically needed, to see a cleft lip or something like that. Personally I use a fetoscope in my Midwifery studies. It has nothing being admitted to the fetus, and its the real heartbeat, not the swoosh swoosh of sound waves bouncing off. Fetoscopes are a lot cheaper aswell. Not to sound like a downer with my long post, but I'm very passionate about having safe pregnancies and healthy babies and I think everyone should be informed on the decisions that we make, and if there isn't enough research to prove something is safe or not, then probably shouldn't be doing it."
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Ultrasound imaging has been used for over 20 years and has an excellent safety record. IT IS NON-IONIZING RADIATION, it does not have the same risks as x-rays or other types of ionizing radiation.
Even though there are no known risks of ultrasound imaging, it can produce effects on the body. When ultrasound enters the body, it heats the tissues slightly. In some cases, it can also produce small pockets of gas in body fluids or tissues (cavitation). The long-term effects of tissue heating and cavitation are not known.
Because of the particular concern for fetal exposures, national and international organizations have advocated prudent use of ultrasound imaging. Furthermore, the use of diagnostic ultrasound for non-medical purposes such as fetal keepsake videos has been discouraged."
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