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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Whoo hatching baby chicks sounds exciting! I can't wait to do that someday!

I think I am going to go ahead and heat the coop, at least this winter. They're so young, I worry about them freezing!

In other news, I have a sneaking suspicion that two of my girls might be roos. The one little guy we KNOW is a rooster is bigger than the others, with a long, tall, pink comb. He even has little waddles starting right now.

Well, one of the "ladies" has had a suspicious-looking comb for the last week or so. In the last couple of days, his/her comb has grown a LOT. AND the little baby's comb is doing the same thing! Both of them are looking a LOT like our little General Tso!

The lady I bought them from told me that the easiest way to sex FBCM's is to compare combs and feet. I haven't been able to really get a good look at their feet, but the combs are definitely concerning. The ladies have short combs that don't go very far up their heads. And they're either yellow/peach or gray-ish.

The General and the others all have very pink combs, tall, and they go way up their heads.

Is it too early to tell???

The good news is that the breeder told me she would trade me back some girls if I somehow ended up with multiple boys.
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