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Re: Having trouble with Nutramigen, went back to soy

My son couldn't handle Nutramigen. He seemed fine on it for a while (started supplementing at 2 months, was on all formula at 3 months). He gained a bit and did better, but not great. Then he got non-stop diarrhea for 2 weeks (at 5 months). We switched to Neocate and the diarrhea was gone that day!

Since the switch (and keeping him gluten free), he has gained consistently (slowly, but consistently) and just done great. He was weaned off of reflux meds by his 9 month visit and was a whole new, happy baby. Before the switch, we were doing weekly to bi-weekly weight checks. He dropped off the weight chart from under 2 months old up until 9 months old. And he was just downright miserable. Our pediatrician didn't even mention soy formula since a lot of babies that can't tolerate milk proteins also can't do soy.

We've done a couple dairy trials that have failed miserably. He just ends up miserable...crying almost non-stop for days (nights included), having NASTY diapers, and the reflux usually comes back. He also gets a fever! Very strange, but both times we've done an actual dairy trial, he ends up with a fever and cold symptoms. This time, he even managed to get an ear infection (which I then researched and found that food allergies and ear infections may be linked). The first time we found it odd, but chalked it up to a cold. But a second time? That would be one huuuuge coincidence.

Anyway though, aside from Nutramigen, there is Alimentum. Some babies can handle one better than the other, though they are equivalent in terms of milk protein content. The next step would be an amino acid based formula (aka elemental), like Neocate or Elecare. They contain no dairy or soy proteins. There is a soy ingredient (can't think of the name right off hand) that is supposed to not cause issues for even the soy allergic/intolerant. Neocate addresses that in their FAQ, I believe. If you don't want her on soy formula, you could do some research on the elemental ones and ask for a prescription for one of those. Just beware, they are expensive! Some insurances will cover it though, as will WIC (must have the prescription/form filled out by doctor).

On a side note, with the formula changes, keep in mind that dairy can take 2-3 weeks to be out of the system completely, so try to give plenty of time for her tummy to adjust to anything new.
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