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Re: which snugride? and a few questions??

We used the SR35 for our DS, who is always in the 90+% for height/weight. I always hear people say that even with the high weight, their baby outgrew it in height at 4, 5, 6, months. Honestly, if they truely had the big snugride, they didn't know how to measure. Because like I said, our DS is and always has been in the 90+% for weight AND height and although we were using convertables in our vehicles by about 10 months, I still used the SR for my mom until DS was about 15 months. And he actually still had a little growing room height wise. We finally just stopped using it because he was a little squished looking in there otherwise.

Regarding restaurant booths, we always (and still do) get the big booth when we go out to eat with DS so we have space to put things further down the table and not have him into everything. So we always just set his carseat at the end of the booth (the end by the wall, not by the isle) when he was little and sleeping or just little in general. After that, he was always in the high chair so it wasn't an issue.

I used a carseat holder a couple times at restaurants, but honestly they made me nervous so I didn't use them for long. And his carseat fit fine so it must depend on what kind that restaurant has.
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