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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Got some pictures!

This is our roo, General Tso. We have known since day one that he's a he, because we wanted one.

Notice the three chicks behind him - the ones on the left and right obviously look different - their combs are much smaller with less color. Can't see the one in the middle too well from the angle. But this is a good comparison shot of our little man compared to our ladies.

(Don't mind the poop all over the EcoGlow - they like to use that thing as a potty!)

DSC_0274 by bekkihill, on Flickr

Here is one of the suspected boys next to one of the girls. They are both *supposed* to be girls, but you can see the big difference in comb size and shape.

DSC_0275 by bekkihill, on Flickr

These three are supposed to be girls. The two on the right are the ones I am suspicious of. The one in front is about a week younger than the rest. There's a girlie in there to compare.

DSC_0276 by bekkihill, on Flickr

Any thoughts? I think I'm going to post these pics to the Marans thread on BYC to get some advice.

I could be completely wrong because I am SO new to this, but the breeder told me that the bigger combs are roos.
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