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Re: Basically it's Monday

Morning mamas!

Hugs Kari, hate when that happens.

Janine, IDK why kids get up early on weekends. My mom always like to tell the story about how when I was my kids' age, every Saturday morning I'd get up at the buttcrack of dawn, and they'd hear my little routine. Pour the cereal, open the fridge, pour the milk, shut the fridge (slam!), go into the living room, turn on the big CRT TV (which back then made a big thud sound when you turned them on, and then the cartoons would start. They were just grateful I didn't get into anything else or bug them.

Which my kids could never manage. I set out food for them, leave the beverages where they can reach in the fridge, etc. and they still come in, wake me up several times, ask if they can do TV/computer/Wii even if I have told them the night before only TV or Wii in the basement, then they usually skip breakfast and it's not very long before the fighting over TV/Wii starts. If they do eat, they come up and ask me to open their banana/cereal bar/etc. That is assuming they haven't gotten into something they aren't supposed to.

I think we are just doomed to wake up early until they are teens. And then the tradeoff is staying up late making sure they come home on time and don't sneak out.
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