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Re: Found heartbeat(s) MoM please weigh in (loss mentioned)

Originally Posted by yellowitchgrl View Post
Yes, I have been checked for everything, my husband has been checked, one of the babies had an autopsy, placenta checked- zilch wrong. All perfect. They just died. Since the doctors couldn't give me an answer, I did what I felt led to do.
Good for you! Praying for a full term pregnancy for you!!

My last baby (our little boy) died at 19 weeks 3 days (at our best guess). We found out that I am homozygous for 2 gene mutations. I have had 6 successful pregnancies so we didn't ever think to check for anything. I'm only 35. But apparently this can be switched on (sometimes by age). Kinda made me feel old. ;( it was the most tragic event of our lives. We are now pregnant with twin girls. I'm 19 weeks 3 days today. So this week is proving to be a test of my faith. We are trusting The Lord for whatever may come, but man, it is hard.
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