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We love meatless fajitas over here. We sauté peppers and onions and top with veggies, guacamole (that we make at home), salsa, all the fixins.
I recently made a tvp chili (you could just leave out the beans and maybe add something else), even my hubby was amazed at how much it tasted like real chili. The recipe was on the bag of bob's red mill tvp.
How about soups or stews? Chicken soup is always a yummy idea (since you are eating chicken) or try a carrot and parsnip soup with a big yummy crouton.
Taste buds don't have to suffer, they just need to adjust a little.

Eta: I recently made a cream of broccoli soup. I used noodles instead of cream or milk I just over cooked them in the soup and puréed it all. 2q vegetable stock, onion, celery, carrot, large crown of broccoli, garlic, and fresh parsley. I cut the very tippy tops of the broccoli off and put aside (think teeny broccoli pieces) then chopped up the rest of the broccoli stalk and all (shave off the tough outer layer). Sautéed garlic, added chopped veggies and cooked until tender, added veggie stock/broth, brought to a boil, added 2c of elbow noodles and boiled for 20 minutes until everything was soft. Puréed the soup in my blender and returned to the stove. Added the broccoli tops and heated until they were tender. I did top each everyone else's soup with a little grated cheddar and Parmesan cheese for the cheesy appeal.
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