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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

ooh Bekki I think you're right, you have a lieutenant and 2and lieutenant in there. Sure, the easiest way to sex all chicks is by saying "hey this one has a huge comb and feet compared to the others, must be a boy!". They can't guarantee that they gave you all girls and a boy based on that, that's silly. Kids can do that. They should have at least attempted to feather sex them for you if they are true breeders. I'm glad they're willing to take them back though.

I'd take them back asap for the same age group chicks. My experience has been that young chicks handle flock change-up better than older ones. The sooner you do it, the better.

Mel had some FCM chicks earlier this year, maybe she could help with the gender ID-ing.

All's quiet in my bator. Everything is holding really well. I'm not expecting any action until tomorrow at least, I set I think about 12 hrs after you Sarah. Plus I think my hatch temps ran a little on the low side for the first week, around 99. I thought I heard a peep when I was standing next to the bator filling the water last night but as loud as the fan inside is and my dog snoring in her bed I couldn't be sure of anything. LOL Congratulations on the pip! FX it makes it out ok.

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